I’m Audra Williams, occasional byline writer, freelance comms specialist, and noted online emoter.

In summer 2022, my husband Haritha and I bought a 100 year old grocery store & cafe in Port Medway Nova Scotia. We are now in the process of renovating and re-opening the space.

This newsletter is for friends and family wanting to follow along, strangers looking to live vicariously, and everyone in between.

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I'm Audra, periodic byline writer and noted online emoter. My husband Haritha and I have bought and are renovating (and reopening!) a hundred year old grocery store & cafe in a tiny Nova Scotia town. We are telling that story here.


Audra Williams

Human foxhole radio and noted online emoter. Devoted to tea and sympathy and bread and roses. Currently working with my husband Haritha to renovate and re-open a 100 year old grocery store by the sea.